Excess Casualty Insurance for Infrastructure Construction

Excess casualty insurance provided by BCS offers higher limits and custom coverage, helping protect against the substantial liabilities and unforeseen events that characterize the evolving landscape of infrastructure construction projects.

Why Do You Need Excess Casualty Insurance for Infrastructure Construction?

Whether you’re building a bridge or a water treatment plant, BCS has the expertise and experience to provide coverage solutions for your infrastructure projects. For businesses engaged in constructing highways, airport runways, and sewer utility projects, Berkley Construction Solutions excess casualty insurance are a strategic necessity offering:


Comprehensive Protection: Infrastructure construction projects often involve planning to redirect traffic and complex work conditions. With these challenges comes risk. Our excess casualty insurance solutions, written on a follow form basis, are designed to provide continuity of coverage.


Higher Limits for Enhanced Protection: The legal environment is volatile, and the financial stakes are high. We offer significant limits — up to $25 million — ensuring your business is adequately protected against costly, unexpected events.


Dedicated Construction Claims Expertise: Construction claims are big and require expert oversight. That's why we handle our claims in-house rather than via a third-party provider. Our direct-handled approach ensures continuity, clarity and efficiency which are all critical components in managing claims in a volatile and uncertain environment.

Why Do You Need Excess Casualty Insurance for Infrastructure Construction? Why Do You Need Excess Casualty Insurance for Infrastructure Construction?

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Why Berkley Construction Solutions?

Excess casualty insurance is not just a safety net; it’s a strategic imperative for businesses operating in the challenging construction infrastructure space. As a specialized provider, Berkley Construction Solutions ensures your coverage is tailored to the unique challenges you face.


Placing your business with us is only half the story. As a Berkley broker or a client, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that our partnership is built on a strong foundation of security and reliability. That’s the Berkley difference:

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